10 Amazing facts about owls

10 Amazing facts about owls

Unlike most birds which are confined to the daylight, these winged creatures have conquered the night. There may be many things you know about owls, such as their beautiful appearance and big hypnotic eyes, but there are more things you never knew about them.

10 Amazing facts about owls Owl Pseudo-Cannibalism

Great horned owls are actually the chief predation threat to the smaller barred owl. In turn, barred owls will eat even smaller owls.

10 Amazing facts about owls They eat larger prey than you may think

Eagle owls are among the largest winged and most ferocious birds. They are hunting for smaller owls, small deers and monkeys. However, they tend to prefer hedgehog meat.

10 Amazing facts about owls Strange eyes

Owls have immobile eyes which cannot be considered true eyeballs because they are tube-shaped. However, they can rotate their heads 270 degrees, which compensates for their forward-facing vision and immobile eyes.

10 Amazing facts about owls Owls and human culture

Owls are already known as a symbol for wisdom, however they are also associated with witchcraft. They can also be trained to the glove and sent off in pursuit of a wide range of quarry and were used as hunting companions in Europe.

10 Amazing facts about owls Weird relatives

Contrary to what you may think, owls are not related to hawks, eagles or falcons, but rather with kingfishers, hummingbirds or singbirds suck as sparrows.

10 Amazing facts about owls Some eat plants

Although most of them are devoted carnivores, there is a species (the elf owl) which feeds on small animal prey and also include fruits and seeds to their diet.

10 Amazing facts about owls They Live In Cacti

Many owls nest in saguaro and organ pipe cacti. Continuing the theme, huge great horned owls often nest in the crotch of such a cactus.

10 Amazing facts about owls They’re Silent Killers

What makes owls highly effective hunters is their exceptional hearing. However, the special hooks it has on the front of its wing feathers act as airflow silencers and allow it to swoop behind prey undetected.

10 Amazing facts about owls Extreme Blood Flow Adaptations

What all owls have in common is their ability to rotate their heads 270 degrees. Scientists have discovered that owls have special blood-pooling systems that collect blood to power their brains and eyes when neck movement cuts off circulation.

10 Amazing facts about owls Many owls do not hoot or screech

Although owls are famous for their hooting sounds, some species do not hoot at all. They are mostly making dull whistling sounds.



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