10 creepy animals

10 creepy animals

Frilled shark

This creature looks like combination of a shark with an eel. This shark has 300 trident-like teeth in 25 rows, and can be as long as 5 feet.

10 creepy animals Santino the chimp

Santino is a normal chimpanzee at Swedenís Furuvik Zoo; what makes him special is the way in which he started to plan his rock attacks on the patrons of the zoo. Scientists are studying the chimp because foresight and the understanding of cause and effect have been considered as exclusively human.

10 creepy animals Forcepfly

This insectís genitals are shaped like forceps and scientists are interested in it because it is only the third species discovered from this particular family of insects.

10 creepy animals Goblin shark

This is a very rare creatures and the last specimen was discovered in 2007. Scientists are studying it because of its body structure which resembles that of ancient sharks.

10 creepy animals Hagfish

This is animal may be grossly covered in slime, but the survival of its ancestors (the first animals having a backbone) is the reason why we are here today.

10 creepy animals Lamprey

This is some sort of a giant leech. In 2006, a 360 million-year-old lamprey fossil was discovered and it is now studied to find out more about evolution and primitive behaviors in biology.

10 creepy animals Naked mole rat

This rat ages incredibly slow, it seems to maintain bone health and is also immune to cancer. This is why scientists are studying it to find out how these features could be useful for humans.

10 creepy animals Purple frog

This creepy frog used to hop around with dinosaurs and is not related to any known species.

10 creepy animals Plainfin Midshipman

This fish sings to attract females during mating season. The strange thing is, they donít have vocal chords, yet they manage to make such a loud sound that people living close to them are complaining.

10 creepy animals Almiqui

Since its discovery in 1836, only 35 specimens have been caught. This animal has been around for 76 million years, but is nowadays an endangered species which has toxic saliva used to catch its prey.



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