10 famous people who walk unnoticed

10 famous people who walk unobserved

10 famous people who walk unobserved 1. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney said that his grandkids beat him all the time at Guitar Hero at playing Rock Band and that he responds by telling them angrily that is still the boss because he wrote the original records.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 2. Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant is a really tall creature. He written and starred in many films and TV shows. He was awarded two golden globes and an Emmy, among others for his amazing works but he was still not accepted into a nightclub. Even if he was surrounded by fans and reporters, his allowance in the nightclub was denied because he seemed a fake. People seem smaller on screen.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 3. Joe McCarthy

In American politics, Joe McCarthy is one of the most divisive figures in American politics. Regardless if you agree or disapprove his views, he still had a major impact on the media and politics as a whole during his lifetime. When some archive footage of Joe McCarthy was used in a film, he viewers complained that the actor of McCarthy was too unconvincing. The film makers had to explain that there was no actor, just the real Joe McCarthy in real life caught on film.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 4. Wrestler CM Punk

CM Punk is a famous and recognizable wrestler in the WWE but he was not allowed to enter in the location where he had to sustain a show. He was later permitted to enter after his manager saw him and made the situation clear with the guards.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 5. Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson

When Ernie Hudson went to the interview for animated series with Ghost Buster he was rejected the role because he couldnít make the real Ernie Hudson voice.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 6. Keith Flint

The Prodigy will forever be known for the song ĎFirestarterí even if they also released 15 straight multi-platinum albums. Because this song became so famous when Keith Flint went on the streets he was strongly accused of wanting to be the Firestarter.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 7. The Voice of Elmo

Kevin Clash is the voice behind Elmo, the puppet. Once, he was in a shop with his daughter who happened to tell another kid that her father is the voice of Elmo. In order to save her daughter from being considered a filthy liar, he made the Elmo voice for the girl and her mother. Sadly, the woman informed Clash that she could do it better.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 8. Hugh Jackmanís Wolverine

Hugh Jackman dressed up as Wolverine at a Comic-Con and nobody recognized him as the real Wolverine. Actually he managed to draw the attention of only two people who said that heís too tall to be Wolverine and that his costume is alright.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 9. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton once decided to enter a Dolly Parton look-alike contest to see what will happen. She shamefully lost in front of a drag queen. Actually, she was barely raising an interest because the public considered her too short to make a convincing Dolly Parton.

10 famous people who walk unobserved 10. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was taking a walk when he entered in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest. The San Francisco people considered that he was not good enough for the finals.



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