10 weird sensory marketing tricks

10 weird sensory marketing tricks

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 1. The smell of a good plane

It seems weird to imagine that even airlines use scented air on their jets. However, Singapore Airlines has used its scent called Stefan Florida Waters on its hot towels and on its flight attendants. This way the plane smells fresh when you board, and the scent is spread every time an attendant walks past. According to the airline this enhances the travelerís experience of a relaxed flight.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 2. Cinnamon Ninja

This spray is a great deal as cinnamon creates a trusting and homely warm feel for visitors to the home, and does a great job in disguising the smells of human decay. Morgue workers use it in order to mask the scent of a decomposing body and also for giving you confidence and a relaxed mood near the lost loved one.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 3. Smells Like Bread

Net Cost is pretty big on using scents to make you put some more stuff in your shopping trolley. The scent of chocolate and freshly baked bread is often used in supermarkets via the shops air system.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 4. Smell of Weight Loss

Apparently tests have shown that surrounding yourself with the right weight loss promoting scent can help you shed those pounds in a heartbeat. There is a huge marketing machine behind this notion and companies like Slimscents, Aromapatch and Prends-Moi really want you to drop your money on that new scent that makes you lose weight.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 5. Gland Sac Makes You Spend

The Mirage hotel and casino use a scent based on Polynesian tones and the famous Bellagio may subtly remind you of Italy. The venetians uses a strong Aromasys scent called Seduction, with strong notes of musk. The scents are aimed at the type of surroundings, the theme of the venue and the type of clientele visiting the venue.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 6. M&Mís Chocolate perfume

The famous M&M World Store in London has a surprisingly strong chocolate scent when you walk in and itís not because the M&Mís smell as chocolate but because itís a tasty good trick to make people crave for sugar.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 7. Shoes and Flowers

Nike stores use a mixed flower scent to direct you towards the more expensive shoe designs inside.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 8. Fries: Music To Your Ears

One advert for fries features a sound that you could describe as something in between a deep fat fryer and a car heating system. The voice over even announces that the smell of fries being cooked will be transferred to your car, after which you are prompted to go and buy some.

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 9. Holiday Bleach

The company uses a rose scent for weddings and a leather-based scent for business meetings and similar functions. Even the chlorine pool smell comes from a bucket of powder that is added to the air system in the mornings!

10 weird sensory marketing tricks 10. Real Scent of Plastic

An Apple Mac scent has been produced by the Air Aroma company, combining the smells of cardboard, ink and other ingredients. If you canít afford a Mac, you can at least make your old PC smell like one.



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