8 Crazy Works of Art

8 Crazy Works of Art

Our perception of beauty and grotesque has changed considerably over the ages. We may follow the evolution of our artistic taste from the uplifting forms of medieval religious architecture, to the balanced and beautiful works of the Renaissance masters and finally to Andy Warhol’s “Eat”. In order to try to understand were art is going, we have made a list of the 8 craziest works of art.

8 Crazy Works of Art 1. The Suicide Sculpture

In 1975, Chris Burden attempted to sit under a glass sheet, equipped with a clock and nothing else, until a member of the public would try to save him from eventual starvation of dehydration. Even after Burder defecated himself and gone nearly two days without food or water, the public did not intervene. The experiment finally ended after a gallery employee gave Burden a glass of water.

8 Crazy Works of Art 2. “Flicker”

The 1966 experimental film “Flicker” had a very clear artistic aim: to induce schizophrenia. Tony Conrad’s film features an entire host of violent lights and colors designed to emulate the influence of LSD upon the human brain. The film was so successful in the 60s that it eventually created an entire cinematic sub-genre.

8 Crazy Works of Art 3. Rhythm 0

In 1974, Marina Abramovic sat on a chair next to a table of torture instruments (including a loaded gun) and a note saying the audience can do anything to her. The performance, called Rhythm 0, included members of the audience tearing Marina’s clothes off, jabbing rose thorns in her stomach and threatening her with the loaded gun.

8 Crazy Works of Art 4. “Connected” to the Internet

In 1995, Stelarc wired himself to a network which allowed the audience to “control” him remotely by sending electric impulses directly to his muscles. The performer became a living puppet as the audience made him dance for 12 hours straight.

8 Crazy Works of Art 5. The internet and paintball

Wafaa Bilal locked himself into a room with a paintball gun which was connected to the internet. I think there is no need for further clarifications.

8 Crazy Works of Art 6. The Unsuccessful Astronaut

In 1960, Yves Klein jumped head first of his second floor window as a way of protesting NASA’s exploration of the Moon. He stated that he wanted to prove that man can undertake the lunar journey without the aid of machines.

8 Crazy Works of Art 7. The Sleeping Beauty experiment

Five young Ukrainian girls took turns laying on a bed and waiting for members of the public to kiss them. The interesting part is that if the girls open their eyes while being kissed, they were under contractual obligation to marry the individual that was kissing them at that moment.

8 Crazy Works of Art 8. Antanas Mockus

Antanas Mockus sees his entire life as an art work. While some might say he is a politician, the man who held the office of mayor of Bogota for 6 years insists he is in fact an artist. Among his artistic pranks is recruiting 420 mimes in order to direct traffic and dressing as a superhero in order to better fight urban crime.



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