Blurry visions by different reasons

Blurry visions by different reasons

John Matthews is part of 15 rare cases when the loss of vision appears from the middle of nowhere only to discover that there is a pretty understandable reason for why your eyes seem to get all blurry and almost blind.

John Matthews observed that he had some problems with his left eye and he got scared when his vision turned blurry, immediately seeking specialized eye consult. At first, the doctor couldn’t find the problem until he decided to ‘dig deeper’ only to find that there was a microscopic worm living in the man’s left eye. There are only 15 reported cases like these around the world so there is not much to tell about this worm but it’s known that it’s a very unpleasant experience.

It is supposed that the respective worm is ingested one way or another and then it makes its way from the stomach through the person’s body until it reaches the brain or the eye. Then it continues to grow and feed on the person’s retina. The horrific detail is that the worm can be seen by the affected person as it moves inside the eye. In this case, the worm was killed with a laser procedure and the man took some eye exercises to completely restore his vision.



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