Creepy named places worldwide

Creepy named places worldwide

Places that bear creepy or morbid names are not called so without any reason. Each such place has a story behind its name, and will surely give you chill down your back. 

Creepy named places worldwide Death Valley, California

Death Valley, California is situated in the Mojave Desert and is known to be one of the places with the most hellish conditions, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees F. expanding over 3.3 million acres, this wasteland consists of canyons, mountains, rifts, salt flats and lots and lots of sand. Numerous people died in this place from harsh conditions, and those who survived, gave morbid names to some of the places in the area that could surely make one want to turn around and leave: Funeral Mountains, Danteís View, Black Mountains, Golf Course, Desolation Canion, Devilís Cornfield, Hellís Gate, etc.

Creepy named places worldwide Devilís Island, French Guiana

A former leper colony, Devilís Island in French Guiana became a penal colony, starting with 1884. The living conditions there were absolutely appalling, prisoners having to work ceaselessly. If they didnít succeed in meeting the daily quota, they were starved. The life-span of inmates on Devilís Island was of maximum 3 years in the Kourou camp. Escape was futile as the harsh environmental condition didnít not guarantee survival. Devilís Island is nowadays a museum and a tourist attraction.

Creepy named places worldwide Golgotha, Jerusalem

Golgotha, Jerusalem is well-known for the fact that Jesus was crucified on the site. Nevertheless, Golgotha or The Place of the Skull is also thought to have received its name due to the large number of abandoned skulls and bones of former criminals who were executed there.

Creepy named places worldwide The death Zone

The death Zone is named like that because of the height altitude it is situated at, exceeding 8,000 m, with quantities of oxygen so scarce that it is impossible to sustain life. The consequences of this were experienced by all climbers whose bodies could not function properly at that altitude, their general state resulting in unconsciousness, deliriousness, hallucinations and eventually death.

Creepy named places worldwide Hellís Kitchen, New York

Hellís Kitchen, New York was well-known for the crime, sex and violence occurring there. With the appearance of numerous gangs, the degree of violence increased even more, the place becoming ďthe most dangerous area on the American continentĒ.

Creepy named places worldwide Galgbacken or Gallowsí Slope, Stockholm

Galgbacken or Gallowsí Slope, Stockholm was the last execution place in Sweden, with the last execution taking place in 1862, by hanging. Criminals of all sorts were put to death, by hanging or beheading, and human skeletal remains are still buried at Gallowsí Slope.

Creepy named places worldwide Murder Island, Nova Scotia

Murder Island, Nova Scotia. Even the name suggests something creepy and ominous. First, in 1735 there was a morbid and mysterious murder incident that no one manage to decipher. But the best story is about a smallpox epidemic that hit a French fleet stationing near the island at the time. All the bodies were buried on the island and through the 20th century, human bones were reported to be appear through the islandís beaches. If thatís not creepy, I donít know what is.

Creepy named places worldwide Dead Sea, Jorda

Dead Sea, Jordan refers to the high content of salt that does not allow anything to live in the waters except some bacteria. And because it lies at 1,300 m feet below the sea level, water can only evaporate, reaching an estimate of 7 million tons on a daily basis. And with no fresh water replenishing it, except effluents, the Dead Sea is actually dying, in the last 50 years having lost approx. a third of its volume.

Creepy named places worldwide Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona is a reminder of the violent and lawless past of the Old West. Although a cemetery today that attracts many tourists, Tombstone was a place of carnage and bloodshed. Being a perfect gathering place for outlaws, due to its large number of saloons and whorehouses, crime was at home.

Creepy named places worldwide The Skeleton Coast, Namibia

The Skeleton Coast, Namibia, also called ďThe land God made in AngerĒ comprises numerous remains of new and ancient ships, covered by the sand and altered by time. But this land isnít just a cemetery for shipwrecks or stranded whales, whose washed up skeletons create a morbid landscape, this land has also been the death place of several shipwrecked sailors who managed to swim to shore. This wasteland covering hundreds of miles would also cause them to perish from exposure and thirst. So, the name of this area is truly justified.



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