How to look smarter than you are

How to look smarter than you are

You may want to look smarter to those around you and cope with certain conversational situations that you felt excluded from before because you had no idea about and no opinion on the subject. You can look smarter easily, you just have to be smart about it. Here are some tips on how to do that right.

How to look smarter than you are Donít rush into talking

There is a saying ďSilence is goldenĒ and whoever came up with it knew what he/she was talking about. It is always better to listen more and talk less than the other way around as you may be saying some stupid things and the only one that gets affected by this is your reputation. And you want to look smarter to those around you, right? Better just smile and nod, and in the meanwhile process the information.

How to look smarter than you are Use the words you know correctly

This is imperative, as you will definitely not look smart if you use a common word in a wrong way. Always be sure that the new words you are learning are assimilated correctly in terms of meaning, pronunciation and context. Always! That is, if you donít want to make a fool of yourself!

How to look smarter than you are Learn quotes

Quotes always impress those around you as they show a superior cognitive function and desire to remember famous and witty words of past or present personalities or poetry, etc. You will appear as a literary master if you throw a few quotes related to your conversation. Try learning one every day. Try Wilde, Plath, Ginsberg or Whitman, because most people know who they are but few are actually to quote them.

How to look smarter than you are Watch movies

But donít only resume to good, renowned ones. Take the good and the bad, old and new, itís no effort. The catch behind watching bad movies as well, is that anyone can have a debate or discuss a good movie, as most of us enjoy watching them. However, when you will also be able to talk about a bad one, point out the flaws and so on, you will impress and definitely sound more intelligent.

How to look smarter than you are Find out more about good books

Even if you donít have the patience or time to read one of the classic novels, at least read a broad overview on them to look like youíve read them. It wonít take you more than half an hour, and if you find them very interesting, you may even convince yourself to actually read them.

How to look smarter than you are Broaden your general knowledge

This is based on the same principle of learning a new word every day. Try trivia games, both online or simply buy a Trivial Pursuit (Genus Edition) and read or memorize one card each night before going to sleep. You will enrich your general knowledge in no time and you will be able to cope with any topic, at least at a general opinion level.

How to look smarter than you are Try obscure knowledge

We recommend it because there will be low to no chances of someone being able to disagree with you on such a topic, as few people are actually interested in it. Try studying ancient Egyptian dynasties or about early Christian writers. Even if you make some mistakes, no one will notice and you will appear super smart to your friends when discussing something like this.

How to look smarter than you are Learn new words everyday

This can be highly rewarding both as a personal development and to impress those around you. Make use of the Internetís vast information or simply pick up a dictionary and organize yourself to learn a new word every day.

How to look smarter than you are Learn how to deal with a topic thoroughly

This means that most of the people discussing a hot topic, like global warming for example, have no vast knowledge about this subject, and they are only expressing personal opinions combined with what they have also heard from others or the media. All you need to do is take up such a subject, do your thorough research on it, even remember what certain actual experts have to say on this and then simply rephrase or quote them. You will impress your audience for sure!

How to look smarter than you are Asking questions

This is the easiest and most common thing to do when you donít know something, but there is a catch to still looking smarter to those around you. Ask questions when you do know the answer. This will also help you amaze the rest of the audience, especially if the other conversational partner knows less about the subject than you do, and a well-put question will make them stumble. Use their weaknesses and, most importantly, be highly observant!



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