Lee Parish’s abduction by structures

Lee Parish’s abduction by structures

Lee Parish was just 19 years old when his car was abducted by a beam of light, while he was driving home. Just as Pier Zanfretta, Lee Parish couldn’t remember anything without hypnosis. Once under it, he described that he has been taken by three objects not similar to anything he knew. The first of them was a black 20 foot-tall rectangle with a robotic arm, the other one had the same shape but it was red and the last one was a 2 meters tall white prism.

He was under the impression that the white one was the leader of the group. The red one approached him and reached his arm towards Lee, thus making him fear the structures. By touching him, it gave him a sensation of coldness and pain. Afterwards, the objects merged into one, leaving Lee with the impression that they were robots. The last thing Parish remembers is that he was back in his car. The whole experience lasted 38 minutes.



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