Malaysia’s tiny aliens

Malaysia’s tiny aliens

If you have ever read the Douglas Adam’s book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, you surely remember that passage in which some strong aliens send fleets to Earth, without even realizing how small they are in comparison with the humans. After thousands of galaxies and years light travelling to Earth, when finally reaching it, they get swallowed by a dog.  Douglas Adam might have inspired this passage from what happens in Malaysia.

The most prolific story of this type of alien encounter dates from August 19, 1970 and has supposedly occurred to six children who were playing in a heavily forested area. The children said that the UFO was flying less than a meter across and that from the ship came out five humanoid aliens. Just as in the Adam’s story, they were small, being about 8 cm tall. Four of them were dresses in blue outfits while the fifth was wearing a yellow one and had a spiked helmet. The aliens went to a tree and attempted to install an “aerial device” in one of the kids.  The aliens also possessed ray gun and started shooting at the kids and inflicted a small wound to one of them.



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