Preposterous cases of food abuse

Preposterous cases of food abuse

Either because junk food and beverages are cheaper or because some people don’t really think straight, intentionally or not, the world has witness some preposterous cases food abuse. Instead of having a normal diet and good health, some people appeal to various “tricks” involving food or beverages for losing weight faster or simply become addicted to some substances contained by certain products, and without even considering this possibility, they endanger themselves, as food abuse can even cause premature death. Will you think about it twice now?

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 10

Trying to raise their audience numbers, two Dutch TV show hosts came up with the idea of eating each other live. They had parts of their buttocks and stomachs surgically removed, cooked by a chef and served with side dishes.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 9

Shock-art celebrity, Evaristti, had a liposuction and used his own fat to fry meatballs that he later served to his friends. He claimed that it wasnít an act of cannibalism, but true art expression.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 8

A very strict vegan family almost killed their baby, through negligence, as they refused to breastfeed him or allow him any dairy intake, giving him in exchange fruit and vegetables. They were sentenced to 5 to 25 years, on the reason that they should have understood that a child needs a complex nutrition to grow properly and not a vegan diet that will only cause deficiencies.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 7

A 15-year-old girl from the UK has a daily diet almost entirely based on chicken nuggets. This happened because when she was younger, all she wanted to eat were chicken nuggets and her mother spoiled her and accepted this bad eating habit. She recently reported to the hospital with anemia and breathing problems. Doctors say that if she keeps eating like this, her entire body will shut down and she will die, but she refuses, claiming that she cannot eat anything else.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 6

Thereís a girl in the UK who almost always eats chocolate. This chocolate abuse is justified by her parents through some kind of food phobia, but the truth is no one knows an exact cause. She can occasionally consume rice krispies, but only if they are entirely covered in melted chocolate. Although she is still in good health, this cannot go on forever, as the body also needs other nutrients and is not designed to function simply on chocolate.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 5

Wanting to prove there arenít good or bad calories when it comes to weight loss, a man went on an only-Twinkie diet. He also occasionally included Doritos, Oreos and cereal, but maintained a low caloric intake. Surprisingly, this theory was validated and he managed to lose weight, nevertheless, junk food is not what the body needs, so when you decide to lose weight simply reduce the number of carbohydrates and practice some sports.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 4

Although the Coca Cola company tries to deny it and avoid a serious lawsuit, a New Zeeland coronerís autopsy confirmed that the death of a woman consuming 10 l of Coke a day was caused by this beverage abuse. Her friends also claimed that she smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day and barely ate anything, so such an unbalanced intake of nutrients clearly caused her death.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no.3

A man from Iowa wanted to go on a strict beer and water diet for Lent to prove the relation booze has with Christianity. He even brew his own beer at home, following a recipe of a group of Bavarian monks, but the only thing he achieved during this period is being half comatose.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no. 2

In an attempt to prove her friends that she can get orange-like skin (Carotenemia) by eating just carrots all day, a girl started an only-carrot diet. This diet is extremely harmful, although the pigments in the skin go away, as several other types of nutrients that your body needs to function normally are eliminated, leaving you with numerous vitamin deficiencies.

Preposterous cases of food abuse Case no.1

A woman in New Zeeland wanting to lose some extra pregnancy weight almost exclusively consumed Red Bull. Needless to say, that due to the components of this beverage she managed to eliminate her need for food and still had a lot of energy throughout the day. This went on for a few months and she did lose a lot of weight, but specialists say she was on the limit of having a stroke and causing herself real health problems. So, just donít try this.



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