10 creepy, haunted hotels

10 creepy, haunted hotels

Hotel Castello della Castelluccia, Italy

This hotel is supposedly haunted by thyree ghosts, including Emperor Nero who wanders through the gardens and guests have reported seeing spectral horses passing by in the nights.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans

The most famous of the ghosts which allegedly haunt the hotel, is Adda, a teenager killed by a runaway carriage, who is bumping into people in the lobby, claiming to be lost, then vanishing.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taiwan

It is rumoured that the hotel was erected on an old execution ground and prison camp during World War II. Even actor Jackie Chan claimed that he stormed out of his suite in the middle of the night after encountering a ghost.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Talbot Hotel, England

It is believed that Queen Mary of Scots walked down the stairs that nowadays belong to this hotel, on the way to her execution. Legend has it that she is still haunting the place, furniture is moving around and her portrayed has been seen to leap from the wall.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Ballygally Castle Hotel, Northern Ireland

The property belonged to Lord Shaw, who imprisoned his wife in the turret room, where starving to death she flung herself out the window to her dorm. She is supposedly knocking at peopleís doors and guests have even heard children laughter in the hallways.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Banff Springs Hotels, Canada

The hotel management denies any paranormal activities, but people have claimed that an old man is helping them around the hotel and disappears before they want to tip him.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Akasaka Mansion, Japan

This place is rumored to be haunted by a spirit which exposes a white face completely blank of features when it acknowledges the presence of people.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Hotel Chelsea, New York

This hotel was built between 1883-1885 and was the place where Sex Pistolsí bassist, Sid Vicious stabbed his girlfriend and subsequently died of a heroin overdose. Poet Dylan Thomas also fell into a coma in the same hotel, but legend has it, their ghosts are still present there.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Queen Mary, California

The Queen Mary was a an ocean liner for transatlantic travel which was turned into a troopship during World War II, but then returned to its former grandeur after the war ended. Dozens of people died on the ship and witnesses claim they have seen women in 19303ís style bathing suits, telephone ringing and that they heard children cries.

10 creepy, haunted hotels Russel Hotel, Australia

Some guests claimed to have spotted the presence of dead sailors looming over their bed and others to have seen the ghosts of prostitutes wandering the hall or doors opening and closing.



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