10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles

The Black Volga- During the 60s and 70s some people claimed that a black Volga which was driven either by priests, nuns or Satan himself was abducting children and indirrectly caused the death of people that stood in its way.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles Eastern Airline Flight 401

This jetliner crashed in 1972 in Florida, but parts of it which were still functional were attached to other planes. From this point onwards, people have claimed to see the dead pilot engaging in conversation on these planes until disappearing into thin air. The company didnít comment on the phenomenon.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles The cursed card of Franz Ferdinand

The car in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated was subsequently owned by 15 owners, all of which died from a violent death or killed themselves. Nobody knows the true nature of the car and we may never find out the reason why all of its owners died.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles James Deanís Porsche Spyder

James Dean died in a car crash while driving his Porsche Spyder in 1955. The remains of the car were restored by George Barris who claimed the car was haunted because it was involved in numerous accidents. However, it is believed that Barris invented the story to make the car famous and make some profit out of it.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles The Phantom Bus of London

In 1934 a motorist died a horiible death after his car hit a wall and exploded in flames. Witnesses claimed it was the phantom double-decker carrying the line number ď7Ē. It is believed to appear at a certain point at 1.15 AM thundering along on the road straight toward terrified drivers.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles Pippo, the Ghost Plane

During World War II, the Italian population in the north of Italy was terrorized by a plane who supposedly fired its machine guns at anyone standing in its way. People were staying in the dark at night for fear that Pippo might open fire. The plane was probably a series of British reconnaissance planes that flew over the countryside at night, however, whatever it may have been, its legend stayed alive in Italian folklore.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles The jumping car of Cape Town

A Renault started jumping around a yard in Cape Town, but no driver could be found. The perimeter of the yard hadnít been breached, the car was locked and its windows were intact. The car also started to jump when officers came to see what happened. The Renault company claimed the phenomenon was caused by a rusty starter cable.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles Silverpilen

In Stockholm, a silvery ghost train called Silverpilen is supposedly stopping sometimes at random stations and if you board it, you may end up in Kymlinge, an abandoned subway station and you may never be seen again, or emerge back in months or even years. Silverpilen is actually a real train which has only been used a few times during rush hours; it is currently no longer in use, but it is still believed to haunt the subway workers late at night.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles Abraham Lincolnís phantom train

This phantom train supposedly emerges from a cloud of black fog and is remaking the last trip of the dead president Abraham Lincoln. According to the legend, the coffin is guarded by the spirits of soldiers dressed in Union uniforms. The train progresses through 180 cities, but never reaches its initial destination of Springfield, Illinois.

10 creepy stories of phantom vehicles The haunted German war submarine

During World War I, a German submarine was built and during its construciton several crew members died, either because of gas poisoning or crushed by a falling girder. After an exorcism performed on the ship, it was sent back underwater, but an American submarine supposedly exploded it with torpedos. However, the American captain claimed he didnít have the chance to destroy it as it exploded all by itself.



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