10 Dolphin Superpowers

10 Dolphin Superpowers

10 Dolphin Superpowers Electroreception

Dolphin sonar is not an unknown feature anymore. We all came to know that dolphins can detect objects from a distance through something like an aquatic beat boxing system. This sense combined with all the others above make a supreme being, one with specials senses and unique survival tricks.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Healing

Dolphins donít heal, they regenerate. A wound with the size of a basketball in depth, will regrow in its splendor in a matter of weeks leaving no scars or signs of a former injury. Moreover, dolphins donít bleed out. Generally, when someone digs out a shovel of flesh out of your side you will hemorrhage to death in a couple hours. Dolphins donít because they can constrict and direction their blood flow.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Infections

We cry each time we get a deeper cut from cutting onions, we worry for an infection each time a stray dog bites us. Dolphins donít. They can swim with an open wound in the bacteria-riddled ocean and not doe of infection. Not even the filthiest shark teeth can bother them much. Humans on the other side, would die in a couple of days by sepsis. Dolphins are not capable of getting infected because one way or another, their immune system allows them to develop natural antibiotics which keep them away from infections. It is still unknown how dolphins can do so and humans canít since our immune systems are so very much alike.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Magnetic senses

Dolphins have another great power, something similar with our recently developed GPS systems. Dolphins have the magnetic senses with which they can guide themselves fearlessly into the depths of the waters. They can sense the Earthís magnetic fields because they have magnetite crystals in their brains, just as the whales do.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Pain

Dolphins will never mind a little agonizing pain. Why? Because apparently, they canít feel any pain. After just being severely injured they go on playing, feeding and swimming just as nothing ever happened. Actually, it was proven that they feel pain but in a matter of minutes they will naturally produce non-addictive morphine-strength painkillers Also, it is believed that after they get injured they are set to act like nothing happened by evolutionary reasons which show that acting weak will aware the potential threats.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Respiration

Dolphins are pretty neat swimmers. They can hold their breath up to 12 minutes and can dive 550 meters. Dolphins can do such an amazing job because they have great lungs. They arenít much bigger than our own but they are much more different. At each breath, a dolphin will exchange 80 % of its lung air. Think about this while knowing that we can exchange only 17 percent. However, great lungs arenít sufficient for a great swimmer such as the dolphin. His ultimate weapon is that he can control where its blood circulates. During the long dives they can shunt away the blood from the extremities and sent it to the heart and brain. Everything that isnít essential in their body will stop receiving blood and fluids.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Skin

Have you ever wondered why dolphins look so silky clean? Why do they have such a spotless skin and how come they are forever shiny in a crystal way? Well, it is all because of their special skin. Their skin is 10 to 20 times than any land animal and it also grows nine times faster than our skin. Actually, an entire layer of their skin is replaced once at every two hours. Moreover, dolphins have microscopic rifles in their skin which makes them swim faster and prevents parasites from grabbing hold. But real secret of dolphin is skin is that special and unique gel which covers their whole body. Itís something like a natural glue solvent, a thing which even contains enzymes that attack eventual parasites.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Sleeplessness

If you are used to believe that everything and everyone has to sleep in order to survive, think again. Dolphins donít have to sleep. They have this amazing power of shutting down one half of their brain in turns. In this way they get to rest while being awake. Tests showed no signs of stress or other symptoms which normally appear to animals and humans sleep-deprived.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Thrust

A British zoologist got interested in why are the dolphins such great swimmers. In 1936 the only explainable reason was considered to be that the dolphinsí skin has some sort of magical anti-drag properties. He wasnít far away from reality, just that he forgot to think about the amount of thrust a dolphinís muscles can produce imagine that an Olympic swimmer will produce 60-70 pounds of trust in the water. A dolphinís muscles can produce up to 300 to 400 pounds of thrust at full tilt.

10 Dolphin Superpowers Vision

Dolphins see better than we do. Actually, they have a panoramic visual range of 300 degrees so this means that they can see behind themselves while each eye can mode independently of the other, trick which enables them to look in two different directions at the same time. As if that wasnít enough, they can see exceptionally well in low light, underwater and above the water.



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