10 morbid but impressive places

10 morbid but impressive places

Body Farm, Tennessee, U.S.- At the University of Tennessee, corpses are left to rot and the rate of their decomposition and the effects of factors like weather and insects are carefuly monitored by scientists.

10 morbid but impressive places Kehlsteinhaus (Hitlerís Eagleís Nest)

The house was built on a mountain peak as a gift for Adolf Hitlerís 50th anniversary and it was an opulent chalet evaluated at 150 million euros. He only visited the house 14 times over the years, as he prefered his nearby residence in Berghof.

10 morbid but impressive places Fetish Market, Togo

This market supplies everything one may need to practice voodoo, from crocodile heads to monkey paws which are used mostly for medicinal purposes.

10 morbid but impressive places Kaisergruft Imperial Crypt Vienna, Austria

The Imperial Crypt beneath the Capuchin Church in Vienna is the resting place of most of the Habsburg Royal family. The most opulent of the coffins belongs to Empress Maria Tereza and her husband Franz Stefan.

10 morbid but impressive places The Anatomy Library in Brooklyn, New York

This library hosts a collection of macabre and bizarre curiosities: medical specimens, taxidermied animals and a variety of strange artifacts, books and artworks.

10 morbid but impressive places Atomic bomb museum, Nagasaki, Japan

This museum is located right on the spot where the second nuclear explosion ever used in war was detonated above a civilian population.

10 morbid but impressive places The ruins of Pompeii, Naples, Italy

When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., it rained ash for 6 hours, burying the town together with its villagers. The ash preserved everything, leaving much of its history frozen in time.

10 morbid but impressive places Cele Kula, Serbia

Following a Serbian uprising against the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish commanders constructed Cele Kula (The Skull Tower). They desecrated the bodies of the Serbian rebels and built 952 skulls into a 15 foot tower at the entrance of the city.

10 morbid but impressive places The Titanicís Cemeteries Halifax, Canada

Fair Lawn Cemetary is the foinal resting place of 121 victims from of the Titanic. Some of the names have become culturally significant, includin J. Dawson, whose name resembles the protagonist from James Cameronís Titanic.

10 morbid but impressive places Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

When the Allies launched operation Hailstorm in 1944, more than 50 ships and 240 aicrafts were sent to the bottom of the sea,a long with 3000 people. Nowadays, the place looks like a spectacular underwater graveyard.



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