10 secrets of Freemasons

10 secrets of Freemasons

Controlling the world

As scary as it may sound, Freemasons are heavily involved in banking, politics and government. Even hospitals and universities are often controlled by Masons.

10 secrets of Freemasons Creepy rituals

Despite their description of beautiful initiation ceremonies, Freemasons use a noose in their ritual. Nobody knows if it is supposed to be perceived as a threat or as a symbol of the umbilical cord as they claim.

10 secrets of Freemasons The Norwegian mass murdered was a Mason

Anders Breivik, responsible for the 2011 mass murder in Norway, was also a member of a Freemason organization, but his degree of involvement is debatable.

10 secrets of Freemasons Masons and space exploration

Apparently all the members of the Apollo mission were Masons who took their rite flags to the moon and back and Buzz Aldrin supposedly has claimed the moon for his Masonic lodge in Texas.

10 secrets of Freemasons The All-Seeing-Eye

The Eye of Providence is present even on the dollar bill which also contains the Mason motto in Latin: “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New World Order).

10 secrets of Freemasons The sun as an important symbol

Freemasons believe that the east symbolizes rebirth and many masonic lodges tend to in the east and in the west in an attempt to control solar powers for thei own purposes.

10 secrets of Freemasons They will not testify against each other

Freemasons will not testify against each other not even truthfully, because they consider it a greater sin not to protect one of their kind than committing perjury.

10 secrets of Freemasons Secret passwords

Although many people believe they have just one password, Freemasons have more used in different contexts.

10 secrets of Freemasons Secret handshakes

Although some members do not admit in public they are freemasons, they can be sometimes recognized as they have a secret handshake and supposedly even a phrase they can use when they are in danger.

10 secrets of Freemasons Masons as a religious group

Freemasons exclude atheists. A member can be a follower of any kind of faith as long as he believes in a greater power. Women are still excluded, but the status-quo is challenged nowadays.



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