10 Subjects You should Never Discuss Online

It is a well-known fact that radio and television are highly regulated channels of communication. One’s freedom of speech is somewhat reduced, especially if he wants to explore the more graphic areas of the English language. The internet, on the other hand, offers very little restrictions to its large, anonymous membership. Still, if you are peaceful by nature, squeamish or are simply unprepared for a full-fledged war, here are some subjects you should avoid. 

1. The Middle East

Oil, Palestinian statehood, Gaza, religion, holy cities, foreign interventions… Everyone has an opinion on the situation currently facing the Middle East and everyone is convinced they are right. Carrying on with a conversation on this topic can only mean trouble.

2. Homosexuality

The controversy surrounding homosexuality has long spilled on to the internet. Very few can actually discuss this particular subject rationally, maybe due to the fact that each party sees the way he perceives his gender under threat. If you add a little conservative religious belief and some uncompromising liberal views to the equation, you have war on your hands.

3. Jesus Christ

While an unquestionably influential figure, Jesus can often divide many, especially when discussing his nature (divine or human), his message (official or gnostic teachings) and even the color of his skin (white Jesus versus black Jesus). Religious subjects can be particularly explosive.

4. Racial Relations

The great “non-subject”! Generally, no one will openly argue one race’s superiority over another, but the entire conflict can grow if fueled by “subtle” remarks and unsavory implications. Due to the fact that the subject is complex and taboo, it is better to avoid it if you wish to have a quiet internet surfing session.

5. Abortion

Pro-choice, pro-life… when discussing something that one party sees as an innocent baby and the other sees as a restriction of a person’s fundamental rights, it is very difficult to adopt a moderate discourse. Due to the fact that the importance of the subject makes people adopt black and white attitudes, any attempt at conciliation becomes close to impossible.

6. Gun Control

This subject is especially controversial in the United States due to the Second Amendment, but members of both camps can be found elsewhere. In any case, anonymity should never be more appreciated than when arguing online with firearms enthusiasts.

7. The Holocaust

The Holocaust has become more controversial (if that’s even possible) in the last few decades as different theories surfaced regarding the actual existence of the phenomenon. The use of the Holocaust as a political talking point has only radicalized the situation. In any case, such a serious subject should not be treated lightly.

8. Politics

There can be no democracy without division, without separation of powers and contradicting opinions, but the contest between competing political philosophies should never go beyond a certain line. When on the internet, you can be sure that a discussion about one’s favorite candidate or political preferences will unavoidably lead to a bit of verbal “jousting”.

9. Origin of Man

Those who have seen Stanley Kramer’s classic movie, “Inherit the Wind”, know how serious a discussion regarding the origins of man can become. Evolution or Creation? This question is a dangerous one because of its potential philosophical repercussions. It is not just a simple scientific curiosity; it is a defining factor for human civilization. Are we the product of natural design or of divine design?

10. Religion

Most religions have been created/revealed as methods of encouraging some form of collective feeling of togetherness and adhesion to a set of values which are often very constructive (from the Latin “re” + “ligare” = “to reconnect”). Still, because religion is such a powerful social tool and because most people have only a superficial or distorted perception the “other”, we see it being used as a means of stirring up aggressive feelings. This is very true for the internet as well.



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