Aliens stalking Ed Walters

Aliens stalking Ed Walters

Florida was in 1988 the epicenter of UFO sightings and photographs. All seemed to center around Ed Walters.  All the UFO’s that Walters and other around him photographed had a non-aerodynamic structure, a color scheme and general shape.

For 7 months, between Nov 11, 1987 and May 1, 1988, Ed Walters and his family have supposedly had 20 alien encounters flying around the area in ships with 6 crew members at most.  Ed wrote a book, The Gulf Breeze Sightings, in which describes his encounters and shows odd photos of him and his family members. For instance, in one photo in the book, his wife dodges a blue beam that the aliens used to abduct people.  Ed has experienced telepathic messages including women speaking in Spanish to a baby, images of dogs or even images of naked women. He even says that at some point the aliens poured a liquid onto his home, liquid which eventually tuned out to be salt water.

Besides these encounters, Ed Walters has also seen aliens while driving at night or through the house’s glass back door. He described the aliens as being  1.2 meters tall who looked exactly like the stereotypical images of aliens: with no distinctive  features and big, black eyes. They were wearing blocky, bulky armor, different that has been reported since.



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