Fight with an Alien

Fight with an Alien

The most well-known story regarding aliens encounter is that of Gustavo Gonzales and Jose Ponce who have found a large luminescent sphere blocking their way on the road outside Caracas, Venezuela.  After seeing that he can’t continue his road with the truck, Gonzales wanted to see what was that sphere that stopped him from moving on.

When he tried to get closer to the sphere, a hatch opened on the ship and from the sphere stepped out three short humanoids. Despite the fact that they weren’t so big, they were extremely strong as one of them jumped on Gonzales and while he was trying to shake him off, the alien threw him 4.5 m in the air. In defense, Gonzales tried to stab the alien with a knife but he couldn’t because its skin was like steel. Despite Gonzales not being able to stab the alien, it was enough to scare them away. When Gonzales and Jose tried to tell everything to the police, one police officer claimed that he had seen the whole thing.



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