Heroes Worldwide

Heroes Worldwide

Heroes Worldwide Bishnu Shrestha-India

In India and Nepal there is a highly praised group of soldiers called the Gurkhas. These warriors are highly courageous and they proved this for hundreds of years. These soldiers are well known for carrying the kukri, a large and strangely curved fighting knife. Another heroic act to prove once again the worthiness of these soldiers happened in September, 2010. Bishnu Shrestha was on a train on his way to Gorakhpur, after his Gurkha retirement ceremony. Out of nowhere, a gang of 15-40 armed thugs began robbing the passengers. At first, Bishnu Shrestha was ready to give away all of his valuables only to avoid a conflict, but when one of the gang’s members started harassing a young girl with the intention of raping her, Shrestha lost control and got his kukri out and began to make order and silence. After something like ten minutes of vicious fighting, the robbers fled leaving behind their haul, three dead thugs and 8 more seriously injured partners in crime.

Heroes Worldwide Chen Si-China

China is the country with the highest suicide rates. People decide to commit suicide by following some of the worst scenarios. A classic is the bridge suicide. It seems a pretty artistic and not so painful way to die, right? Well, Chen Si is a man who won’t agree with your suicidal wishes and who would do anything to stop you from going wild and cold especially if you want to jump from Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. This man is a hero because he even rents a house near the bridge where he gives shelter and psychological help to those he saved. Actually, Chen Si is the ‘suicide watchman’ for more than 10 years and in all this time he saved over 100 lives. As a true lifesaver and hero, Chen Si is at all times willing to invest money from his pocket for some stranger’s life to be saved. Now that’s humanity!

Heroes Worldwide Hideaki Akaiwa-Japan

Imagine an earthquake so powerful that it shifts the Earth’s axis and moves Hounshu, Japan’s largest island 2,4 meters to the east. This earthquake happened in 2011, Japan, Tohoku. This earthquake and the following tsunami were the authors of well over 15,000 deaths, a number which would’ve been higher if there were not some heroes around. One example of heroic acts is the 43-year-old Hideaki Akaiwa who after the waves kicked in thought that he would lose his family forever. As a surfer, he immediately gathered some scuba gear and decided to dive deep into the dark waters in search for his house and family. Imagine that this man dived into billions of liters of waters filled with corpses, broken glass, swam through destroyed houses and dead animals only to find his wife grabbing the last breath. He saved his family that day and the only thing he had to say about this was “She is very important to me.”

Heroes Worldwide James Harrison-Australia

At the age of 13 James Harrison was a little boy who just survived a lung removal surgery which was infected with metastasized pneumonia. The whole operation needed a serious heavy blood transfusion provided by numerous people. Grateful for all the help he received even from the strangers. James Harrison decided to donate some of his blood as often as he could. After some time, it was soon discovered that James’ blood contained an antibody that protects against Rhesus disease, a disorder which appears when a mother and her unborn child have incompatible blood types. Donating blood for more than 1000 times, his blood formed the basis for a vaccine against the disease called Anti-D. James Harrison’s blood saved more than 2 million lives, including the life of his own daughter, Tracey.

Heroes Worldwide John Malkovich-Canada

The well-known actor of stage and screen got his fame by excellently playing the bad guys. Even if he is great at acting as the evil, John Malkovich is a true promoter of goodness and kindness in the real life. In June 2013, an elderly tourist Jim Walpole fell against some metal structure and cut his throat open outside his hotel in Toronto, Ontario. His wife started to scream for help in despair. That’s when John Malkovich appeared out of nowhere and applied pressure on the wound to stop the rushing blood. He stood near the injured man until an ambulance arrived. He received many praises but took none saying that “Any citizen would do the same- it’s nothing special.”

Heroes Worldwide Ramona Gibbs-United Kingdom

6 years old Ramona Gibbs and her smaller sister Trixie were playing on the sidewalk outside their home in Bristol, England. It was 20111 and the sun was bright, the atmosphere quiet, when a car mounted the curb and hurtled toward them. The driver of the car was a 94-years-old man who accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. It was a moment of horror, but in a quick impulse, Ramona selflessly pushed Trixie away and let herself take the full impact. As a result, she Ramona had numerous injuries among them a damaged liver and lung, broken rib and leg, a smashed knee and internal bleeding. Luckily, her little sister survived without any bruise. The doctors said that if it wasn’t for Ramona to let herself alone in front of the car, her little sister couldn’t survive the accident for sure.

Heroes Worldwide Robert Nicholas-United States

Yep, Discovery Chanel’s Shark Week is a little weird form of entertainment but at least the programming can be credited for saving a human life. In August 2013, New York, four teenage boys flipped a Jeep and one of the boys, Bailey Mcgroarty, remained trapped inside with a broken wrist and elbow, his arm badly gashed and with arterial bleeding. This teen could’ve easily bled to death if Robert Nicholas hadn’t been around to apply a tourniquet. Nicholas had no medical training but he learned some tricks from one of the Shark Week’s shows. Bailey Mcgroarty was freed from the vehicle and airlifted to the hospital, where he was completely safe and saved.



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