Incredible cities you will never visit

Incredible cities you will never visit

Man always tried to achieve and live in an utopia world or society. So they strived to make that happen, genius idea that took form as utopian, nature-friendly cities that could restore a peaceful, non-invasive way of life. A paradise, if you wish. The visionaries who wanted this, created everything into details and took everything into account. But sadly, due to various reasons or certain limits that couldn’t be overcome, this revolutionary ideas remained in an unrealizable stage that we can never enjoy.

Incredible cities you will never visit Booze town

Booze town, as it name suggests, would have been a place loved by drunks and party people, where alcohol would be embraced, loved and revered. Mel Johnson came up with this idea as he travelled around the world to visit drinking cities such as Dublin, Havana, New Orleans, Rio, Barcelona and Paris. But he wanted more than this. He envisioned a city full of bars and nightclubs, all differently themed so the project would address all segments of the population. But lacking the money to fund this project, he quit in 1960, when he was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Incredible cities you will never visit Seward’s Success

Seward’s Success was aiming at a climate-controlled city covered by a glass dome, being able to accommodate about 400,000 people. The city would be equipped with innovative technology, have a sports arena, malls, schools and even a petroleum centre, most of the energy used in the city being provided by natural gas. Although a well-envisioned success, this city project was in fact a failure.

Incredible cities you will never visit Welthauptstadt Germania

Welthauptstadt Germania, was supposed to be Hitler’s jewel capital as Germany would become the centre of Europe. The city was expected to be grandiose and even comprise the elements of other European metropolises. The projects never came to life, Hitler lost the war and even if he didn’t, the marshy-like lands could have never supported such massive constructions.

Incredible cities you will never visit Minnesota Experimental City

Minnesota Experimental City, a project of the University of Minnesota and the Federal Government around the 60s was built as a large scale experiment for observation and evaluation. The dome city would be able to accommodate approx. 250,000 people, being a rather bio-city, based on farming, parks and wilderness. Cars would not be used, instead automated highway systems would be operational. The only surprising aspect about the Minnesota Experimental City was that the people would rely on lifelong learning and not schools. After a close analysis, there were too many inconveniences that could arise in such an environment, so the project was rejected.

Incredible cities you will never visit California City

California City was designed by Nat Mendelsohn and would become LA’s fierce competitor. He also started to build on a 320 square kilometer piece of land, the curious thing was that this so-called city didn’t have any houses. He started like the others real estate developers of the time, by buying vast lands and divided them into smaller plots so that people wanting to have a house on their own could buy it. Unfortunately, his plans didn’t go the way he wanted and only a small part of the city is now inhabited by approx. 14,000 people, comprised in a small town.

Incredible cities you will never visit The Slumless, Smokeless City

The Slumless, Smokeless City project was part of the garden city movement and created by Sir Ebenezer Howard. The city would have been filled with gardens, but also comprise industry and agriculture. With an amazing aesthetics, this slumless, smokeless city also had farms, reservoirs, an insane asylum, an agricultural college, industrial homes and cemeteries, the design aiming at clearing the crowdedness and dirtiness of large urban areas. Too bad Howard’s plans didn't materialize.

Incredible cities you will never visit Disney resorts

Although not actual cities, these Disney resorts could have been built around Disney Parks and would definitely be great places to visit, especially when each of them would be specific to certain Disney characters or stories. But again, these plans have never seen daylight.

Incredible cities you will never visit Broadacre City

Broadacre City, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1932 was another utopian idea of a city that also incorporated the agricultural aspect. Each citizen in Broadacre would have one acre of land that they could grow food on. Moreover, large green areas would be created to separate the homes, factories, offices and other buildings and all wiring would be buried underground, giving way to a non-industrialized society. The majority of disagreements when presenting this project were related to the little transportation that was envisioned for Broadacre City, Wright wanting to avoid decentralization.

Incredible cities you will never visit Triton City

Triton City was created by visionary, Buckminster Fuller, and was to become a living area based on shared resources and conserved energy. Triton City presented a floating utopia in which the high standards of living would depend on the low operating costs. It could have been an extraordinary place to live in, or even to visit, but this is no longer possible as the famous project did not come to life.

Incredible cities you will never visit Dongtan

Dongtan, a city that was supposed to be twice the size of Manhattan, was a bold project for the building of a super eco-city in China. This self-sustained city would be based on recycled waste, solar, wind, bio-fuel power and organic farming. Public means of transportation would use clean technologies, and walking or cycling would be encouraged. Despite the fact that this was a genial idea, the project did not materialize.



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