Life with a pea plant

Life with a pea plant

 Ron Svedan was coughing a lot and was feeling less energetic than usual. By the summer of 2010 he had had emphysema for several months so many of his relatives found his more recent pains and discomfort as a natural symptom of emphysema and the old age (75 years old). However, Ron got worried, feeling that something isn’t right this time and on a particularly bad day he was taken to hospital by his wife who called the emergency services. At the hospital, the X-rays showed that there was a growth inside of his left lung which also collapsed. After 10 desperate days, Ron got the results back from the lab which showed that he did not have cancer.

 The amazing part is that, far from having a tumor, he was actually having a small pea plant growing inside of his left lung. The doctors’ speculation was that Ron Svedan accidentally inhaled the small pea inside his lung. The interior of his lung was the perfect warm and humid atmosphere in which the pea could sprout. The solution was pretty simple and the plant was surgically removed, leaving Ron Svedan with just a very complicated relationship with peas.



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