Pier Zanfretta and the Lizards

Pier Zanfretta and the Lizards

On December 6, 1978, a security guard was driven to unusually dangerous extremes by an encounter which has left behind strong evidence. The guardian, Pier Zanfretta, was watching over a house and during his night round, he saw four lights coming straight towards the house. When he approached the lights, he saw 3 meters high, green-skinned, mouthpiece-wearing reptiles with spikes coming out of their heads. The guard said that he was hit with a heat beam. Afterwards, he run, announced the incident and hid until other guardians came to find him.

When investigating the scene, the other guardians found 59 cm large footprints and evidence of scorching among the trees and that was an obvious sign that something uncommon happened there. This might seem over for you, but it’s not.  On 26th of December, the aliens came back and caught Zanfretta. Pier could not remember anything except when he was under a hypnotic suggestion. He said that the aliens took him inside their UFO and put him a communication helmet. During the time that he was kept in captivity, the aliens turned his gun into a piece of metal. The moment when Pier told them that he was afraid and that he wanted to be released, they did it, but not for long.

Pier Zanfretta was abducted once again on July 29, 1979, December 2nd, 1979 and one last time, in 1980. When they abducted him the last time, they took him on a crystal ship and showed him a creature very similar to a frog in a tube, which they said it was their enemy. Zanfretta never knew why the aliens abducted him and despite the small media attention that he has received, he spent the rest of his life in obscurity.



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