The Williams Enigmalith

The Williams Enigmalith

A hiker named John Williams found a strange rock in 1998. He took notice of the rock thrown in the dirt and found its shape as looking weird and unnatural. On a closer look he realized that the rock had a strange electrical component attached tightly to it. The respective device was obviously artificially crafted and somehow resembled an electrical plug. 

This rock became quite famous in UFO enthusiast circles and it was even featured in UFO Magazine and Fortean Times. The finder of this amazing and puzzling piece agrees that the electric device is not glued or welded into the granite, suggesting that the rock probably formed around the device.

Of course, this so-called Williams Enigmalith might be a false since the finder refuses to break the rock to separate it from the device in order to study it deeper. In fact, John Williams is willing to sell it with  $500,000. However, true or false, it has been proven that the rock is around 100,000 years old which means that the device can’t possibly be created by humans.



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