Tips for removing various stains efficiently

Tips for removing various stains efficiently

Stains of any kind can become very bothersome and ruin a perfectly good dress, shirt or even night. Here are a few tips on efficient stain removal techniques and products that may help you in case of such “accidents”. We also recommend you first test these tips on a small corner of the stain.


Blood stains can be easily removed, either dry or wet, by using hydrogen peroxide. Pour a bit on the stain and let it act for a few minutes, then simply rinse and repeat one more time until gone.

Pen ink

Use a lot of hair spray on the stain and let it dry, then wash normally. Or, you could let the stain soak in milk overnight and then wash.

Red wine

Everybody is absolutely terrified by wine stains. But you needn’t worry anymore. If the stain is rather small, you can dab it with a cloth soaked in white wine. Another solution would be to put salt on the stain, if this is larger, but both tips work only on fresh, wet stains.


Lemon juice is excellent with various types of stains, including nicotine. Just dab it on your fingers and then use a pumice stone. 

Melted wax

If you have wax on your clothes, simply place brown paper over it and iron, while moving the paper at each move.


Rub the stains with lemon juice and salt and leave in the sun, then wash normally.


For stains of grease, you can apply eucalyptus oil and then wash at a high temperature, several times (if necessary).

Black marks on the floor

You can get these stains from the soles of your shoes and you can easily remove them by wiping them off with a bit of lighter fluid on a cloth.

Crayon on the walls

Kids can get very creative, but sometimes you may not enjoy the results. Don’t worry! You can always use baking soda on a damp cloth to efficiently remove the crayon traces on the walls.


Grass stains can be usually removed by rubbing them with methylated spirits. Simply repeat until the stain is gone, then wash as usual.




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