Top 10 Alien Mysteries, Part I

Top 10 Alien Mysteries, Part I

The controversy regarding the existence of aliens and the probability of them visiting us remains as heated as ever. While most say that there is no empirical proof indicating the existence of life on other planets, others say that there are certain inconsistencies within our own history that would show not only that extraterrestrials exist, but that they have also had an active role in the lives of our ancestors and the evolutionary path of human civilization.

1. Aliens and the Ancient World

The theory that the human race is in fact the product of alien genetic engineering is not a new one. It started gaining momentum during the XIXth century as a reaction to the questions left unanswered by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Erich von Däniken’s work, “The Chariots of the Gods?”, has been especially influential, due to its controversial approach to certain sections of human history. He argues that the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the Moai of Easter Island are beyond the technical capabilities of the ancient man. If we add the reoccurring religious theme of celestial visitors guiding the human race, present in Sumerian, Indian and Egyptian mythology, we may start to think differently about our history.

2. Angels and Demons

The Raelian Movement claims that life on Earth was created by extraterrestrial visitors who were mistaken for angels by unprepared humans. The Bible’s account of angels and demons is similar to the narrative of other religions regarding supernatural beings that travel to the Earth to either help or enslave the human race. The Book of Enoch, for instance, tells the story of 200 fallen angels who leave the heavens and procreate with human women. The Quran also gives accounts of celestial beings that are immaterial, immortal and are endowed with incredible powers. While the Holy Books do not speak particularly about extraterrestrials, there are modern religions which claim that aliens have a direct impact on our lives. Aleister Crowley, founder of the Thelema spiritual system, claimed that an otherworldly being named Aiwass dictated to him the Book of the Law.

3. The “Men in Black” Phenomenon

The Men in Black story has been widely popularized by the famous Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones movies and the “Men in Black” comic books, but the original story behind the phenomenon is quite different. During the 60s and the 70s, alleged UFO witnesses or abductees were later visited by people claiming to work for the government, always dressed in black suits and formal attire. These so called public officials were reported to harass those who claimed to have witnessed UFO sightings, threatening them if they go public with the information. The most bizarre aspect of the men in black was the fact that they seem surprised and unfamiliar with most daily actions and objects. Their behavior included eating different utensils, using very outdated slang and displaying disconcerting grins and giggles.

4. Accelerated Development of Modern Technology

Certain unofficial organizations, such as the Disclosure Project, theorize that the accelerated development of modern technology, characteristic of the XXth century, can be explained by alien involvement in the military research conducted by different national governments. They claim that, in order to protect the newly received technology, the governments go to great lengths in order to hide the truth from the public. Others believe that the latest climate disruptions are in fact a form of preemptive attack orchestrated by a covert alien force.

5. The “Angel Hair” Substance

“Angel Hair” is a mysterious, unidentified substance reported to be consistently found near UFO sightings. It is described as a white cobweb with a jell- like consistence. In fact, Angel Hair has been collected and analyzed by the Portuguese military in 1959, and the conclusion was that the substance was so complex that it could not be produced by any living organism, plant or animal. Some UFO researchers believe that it might be ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field. The substance evaporates shortly after being discarded, making it very difficult to find or analyze. We have certain analogues in ancient and medieval mythology. Pixie dust is also described as having “magical” properties while star jelly is described as a translucent white gelatin that appears after meteor showers and disappears soon after.



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