Top 10 Alien Mysteries, Part II

Top 10 Alien Mysteries, Part II

Modern science continues to be unsuccessful in explaining certain phenomenon which would seem to be indicative of external, or alien, interference. While the UFO phenomenon might have a normal explanation, it is still very interesting to try to figure out some of these puzzling mysteries.

6. The Greys

It is believed by some that the Greys are an alien species that has occasionally visited our planet and abducted both humans and animals in order to further their knowledge of the planet Earth. While there is no clear consensus regarding their appearance, it is generally believed that they are skinny, grey, sexless creatures with intimidating black eyes. People have described the Greys as possessing incredible mental abilities, including the power to induce the subject in a hallucinogenic state, control his emotions or induce paralysis. It is believed that the Greys often abduct humans in order to better understand us and the way we function. Beyond this, they are not reported as being aggressive since most abductees are returned to their families after the experiments are over.

7. Animal Experimentation

A number of animals, mostly horses, sheep and cattle, have been found mutilated in a very strange manor. What is surprising about these killings is the surgical precision used by the killer. The animals are often found completely drained of blood with missing internal organs. The precise removal of genitalia and anal coring are also encountered very often in such cases. The cuts found on the carcasses are produced not by metal tools but by what seems to be intense heat instruments. Many of the animal mutilation cases also involve the sighting of UFOs or unusual lights or sounds reported from the sky.

8. The Spaceship Moon

The Spaceship Moon Theory refers to the possibility the Moon might in fact be an alien spacecraft. This theory was started by two Soviet scientists in 1970, starting from the assessment that the Moon core is less dense than its superficial strata. Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov theorized that Earth’s only celestial satellite might be the product of an advanced alien civilization, equipped with a hollowed center. This seems to be supported by the fact that the Moon is dated as being 5.3 billion years while the Earth is only 4.6 billion years old. Also, the internal quakes of the Moon seem to follow a very precise schedule, being almost mechanical in nature. The two Soviet scientists that the aliens lived in special compartments built in the center of the Moon and that the lunar quakes might simply be caused by the alien engines.

9. Miracle of the Sun

In May of 1917, near the Portuguese city of Fatima, three shepherd children reported a phenomenon that cannot be explained by modern science. The children claimed to have seen a woman made of light that was “pierced by the burning rays of the Sun”. The woman allegedly told the children three secrets, which later became known as the Three Secrets of Fatima. They also said that she would reveal her true identity on October 13, 1917; what followed would be remembered as the Miracle of the Sun. Around 50.000 witnesses claimed to have seen the Sun become opaque for several minutes at the specified date, after which it started to descend from the sky in a zigzag pattern.  There is very little knowledge regarding the Three Secrets of Fatima, but it is believed to have included a prophesy regarding the end of the First World War, the beginning of the Second and the End of the World.

10. Solway Spaceman

Jim Templeton, a firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland, visited the valleys of Val Camonica, Italy in 1964. When he returned to the United Kingdom, he noticed that he accidentally captured on camera something that might have been an alien space traveller while taking pictures of his daughter. Kodak analyzed the picture and stated that it was genuine. It displayed a white silhouette dressed in what appeared to be a space suit. Many argue that the individual in the picture is not an extraterrestrial being, but simply a person wearing a helmet with his back turned to the camera. Templeton claims that he did not notice anything onsite. He only noticed the strange figure after the photo was developed.



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