Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands

The concept of the “lost island” holds a special place in the human imaginary, or at least in the imaginary of the modern inhabitant of the post-industrial world. It may represent escape, desperation, disgrace, loneliness, peace and so on. Let us take a trip through the human imaginary and see some of the most interesting mysterious islands in fiction.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 10. The Island of Creation

The Island of Creation is borrowed from Greek mythology, as are most of the characters that populate the famous “God of War” series. The Island of Creation is, as its name indicates, the origin of all life and the home of the Sisters of Faith. The protagonist, Kratos, succeeds in surpassing the Island’s defenses and killing the Sisters of Faith, thus saving himself from the hands of Zeus.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 9. Hydra Island

Though not the actual Island on which the action of the “Lost” series takes place, Hydra Island possesses quite a few mysteries itself.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 8. Shutter Island

Shutter Island contains a prison for the criminally insane, but it is best known for the efforts of an U.S. Marshal to investigate a murderess’s mysterious disappearance. The ending is just as surprising in Dennis Lehane’s original novel as it is in the recent film.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 7. Rockfort Island

Rockford Island is where most of the action of “Resident Evil Code: Veronica” takes place. It becomes the epicenter of a T-Veronica virus outbreak which forces the main characters to try to escape. This will surely be very difficult as the entire island is populated by horribly deformed creatures.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 6. The Island

By “the Island” I mean of course the “Cast Away” island. The Academy Awards winning movie was so successful it eventually led to the production of an extremely successful series: “Lost”.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 5. Isla Sorna

As in the case of the Hydra Island, Isla Sorna is not the central location of the Jurassic Park franchise, but it does provide its fair share of mystery, making it a worthy member of this list.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 4. Monkey Island

Monkey Island is the repeated destination of the bravest, most skillful, talented and daring pirate to ever sail the seven seas... Guybrush Threepwood!! If you have never played the Monkey Island series, I whole heartedly recommend it.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 2. Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan’s Island is probably the most popular island around. While maybe not as dark or mysterious as other names in this list, Gilligan’s Island does contain some secretes that are revealed throughout the 98 episodes of the original series.

Top 10 Most Mysterious Islands 1. Avalon

The island of Avalon is heavily present in Arthurian legends. It is where the legendary Excalibur has been forged and where a wounded Arthur is taken after his fight with Mordred. The most fascinating thing about Avalon is that it might have existed, but has never been identified.



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