Unbelievable cases of exorcism

Unbelievable cases of exorcism

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Janet Moses

In 2007, Janet Moses was murdered during a Maori exorcism. After failing to lift the curse with incantations, her family resorted to throwing water in the girl’s face and pouring it down her throat. The ceremony lasted for 3 days and she died because of drowning.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Anna Ecklund

When Ecklund developed repulsion for holy objects, her family started to believe she was posessed. Father Theophilus performed the ritual of exorcism during which Ecklund spoke without moving her lips, insulted the nuns and predicted incorrectly that a priest would die in a car accident. After 23 days, her possession had finally passed.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Anneliese Michel

Although she was diagnosed with epilepsy, some of her symptoms couldn’t be explained. She was hearing voices and washeavily depressed, was performing 600 genuflections a day, barked like a dog and bit the head off a dead bird. She was exorcised 67 times and she died because of self-imposed starvation.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Maria Irina Cornici

In 2005, 23-year old Irina Cornici went to an Orthodox monastery in Tanacu where the priest Corogeanu saw her acting strangely. Even though she eas diagnosed with schizophrenia she was exorcised because Corogeanu and the other nuns thought she was possessed.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Michael Taylor

Michael started to act oddly and was exorcised by the leader of the religious group where he was also a member. Even though it was considered a successful exorcim, Michael returned home and thought that his wife was possessed and murdered her, tearing out her eyes and tongue.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Kamille Seenauth

Kamille Seenauth turned to Patrcia Alves, who run a “Spirit Church” in Georgetown, Guyana to exorcise her in an African or Hindu style. However, Alves beat her with an iron bar until she died from her injuries.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Clara Germana Cele

This woman confessed to South-African priest Erasmus Horner that she made a pact with the devil. She started to behave oddly ripping her clothes off, growling and taling to imaginary friends. Horner casted the demon spirit away from her body in a successful exorcism.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Teenage girl exorcised within the Vatican walls

Father Gabriele Amorth, the official exorcist for the Diocese of Rome, claims a teenage girl came for an audience with Pope John Paul II and started to belch insults. After the exorcism the girl remained posessed according to father Gabriele and muttered on the way out: “Not even the head of the church can send me away”.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Salvador Dali

Legend has it the the famous artist also uinderwent exorcism from his good friend, friar Gabriele Maria Berardi, whom he also thanked afterwards by giving him a sculpture of Christ on the cross.

Unbelievable cases of exorcism Robbie Mannheim

The exorcism of the 12 year-old boy was an inspiration for the movie “The Exorcist”. Robbie became possessed after using a Ouija board following his aunt’s death. He had a very violent behavior and things were floating and hitting the walls around him. He was successfully exorcised in St. Louis.



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