Vampires you have never heard of

Vampires you have never heard of

Jure Grando- Grando was a peasant from Istria which terrorized villagers for 16 years after his death. He was knocking at people’s doors; whoever’s foor he knocked would die. Eventually, people decided to confront the monster and decapitated his corpse.

Vampires you have never heard of The Alnwich Castle Vampire

A chronicler in Old England reported the story of a man who returned from the dead after he died while spying on his cheating wife. He was supposedly a walking corpse who spread plague in his wake. Eventually a priest found his grave and stabbed the corpse with a shovel warm blood coming out of it. After the body was burned, the attacks ceased.

Vampires you have never heard of Elizabeth Bathory

This countess who lived in the 16th century had reportedly been feeding and bathing in human blood. Itís reported that she began bathing in maidenís blood to reduce the effects of ageing. Eventually she was walled inside her castle alive, with only enough space for her to receive food and air until she died years later.

Vampires you have never heard of Peter Plogojowitz

This man died in the 18th century, but suppsedly he did not dieÖfor good. After his death people started to die and others had nightmares in which he was present. His son and wife claimed to have seen him in the house. The army was called and Peterís body was exhumed. It was reported that he was breathing and his open eyes were moving. After a stake was put through his heart, the deaths and nightmares abruptly stopped.

Vampires you have never heard of Highgate Vampire

In 1969 dead animals, completely drained of blood began to appear in Highgate Cemetery in London. Witnesses claimed they saw a dark figure with an evil aura and hypnotic look. The cemetary was closed eventually and reports of the vampire decreased.

Vampires you have never heard of The Hunderprest of Melrose Abbey

This vampire was active in the 12th century and he was frinking the blood of innocents and changed into a bat. The frightened monks laid out a watch at his grave and took the vampire down with a hard blow to his head with an axe and the cremated the corpse.

Vampires you have never heard of The Vampires of New England

Mercy Brown was a girl who died from tuberculosis. After her death, her family started to fall ill and died one by one, until her body was dug up and burned.

Vampires you have never heard of Sava Savanovic

Savanovic was a ghost vampire living in an old mill and fed on people who passed by after dark. Unlike other vampires, he wasnít killed or driven off, he simply stopped attacking villagers.

Vampires you have never heard of The Vampire Of Croglin Grange

In the 1800s, Lady Cranwell was surprised while she was sleeping by a corpse who was sucking her blood. She started to scream and her brothers ran in, but the vampire disappeared. The next night they caught him again and shot it, but again it disappeared. They found an open grave in the cemetery with a rotten corpse with a recent bullet wound and they burned it.

Vampires you have never heard of The Gorbals Vampire

The tale started with a rumour that a vampire with iron teeth was at Gorbals graveyard in Glasgow, Scotland. He had apparently taken two children and he was feeding on them. This story was never confirmed.



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