Weird underwater anomalies

Weird underwater anomalies

Mysterious structure in the Galilee Sea

In 2003, scientists discovered a massive circular stone structure which supposedly served as a burial site or a ceremonial structure. This structure is comprised of bazalt rocks, twice the size of Stonehenge.

Weird underwater anomalies Lake Michiganís Stonehenge

As if Stonehenge wasnít intriguing enough, researchers found another stone monument in Lake Michigan. One of the stones apparently features a carving of a mastodon, an animal that became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

Weird underwater anomalies The rock of Lake Macdonald

This structure was found by divers in Ontario, Canada and it is a proof of Eastern Canadaís ancient past. This man-made structure is composed of a massive elongated rock resting on 7 baseball-sized stones.

Weird underwater anomalies Baltic Sea anomaly

There have been many suppositions regarding a structure located in the Baltic Sea. However, Swedish explorers convinced everyone that it is nothing, but a rock. However, after further research, has been discovered that the rock doesnít have a silt-layer on it (which is common to rocks which have been lying at the bottom of the ocean for a while) and it is supported by a 60 metres pillar.

Weird underwater anomalies Cubanese underwater city

The symmetrical and geographic underwater structures observed by a sonar off the Cuban Coast might indicate an ancient city. However, scientists claim they couldnít have been man-made because it would have taken 50,000 years for them to get submerged at the current depth. However, if it will be proven that they have been created by people, the discovery would back up the Maya stories of an ancient island inahabited by their ancestors that vanished beneath the sea.

Weird underwater anomalies Bimini structures

These structures were discovered in 2006 and they consist in a number of rectangular features which are alignes in the same direction in straight, parallel lines. These stones were found at a depth which would indicate that their age is around 10,000 BC.

Weird underwater anomalies The discovery in the Gulf of Khambhat

The discovery of an ancient city was announced in 2001 in the Gulf of Khambhat. Although it was described as a site with evenly spaced dwellings, a drainage system, bath and a citadel and artifacts seemed to have been brought to surface, among the controversies are that all of these items are nothing but natural geofacts.

Weird underwater anomalies The mysteries of Lake Baikal

Circles have also been discovered in this unique lake located in Siberia. These circlesí distinct patterns would suggest that warmer water was brought to the surface. However, no hydrothermal activity has been observed in this area.

Weird underwater anomalies Google Earth circular anomalies

These anomalies have been noticed off the coast of Florida and their purpose is still unknown. However, scientists claim they have most likely served as a burial mound and they may be as much as 10,000 years old.

Weird underwater anomalies Japanís Yonaguni Monument

Since its discovery, this site had been a subject of debate between scientists. Many say that this is a natural formation which may have been altered by humans, whereas other believe that this is a completely natural site and the drawings and carving were the result of natural factors.



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