10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 1.Gobleki Tepe

The recently discovered temple complex in south-eastern Turkey dates back to the end of the last ice age (12,000 years ago) and it’s considered the most important archaeological discovery of modern times. It is unknown who created this site or why, but it is still intriguing how could the first civilization build such sophisticated structures without the necessary technology.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 2. The Giza Plateau

There are many stories and theories about Egypt as there are many books and studies related to the understanding of the Egyptian phenomena. Now we know that the Great Pyramid’s construction was meant for something more than the simple housing of a king’s remains. However, the sudden rise of the Egyptian Civilization in the 3rd millennium BC has led many experts to believe that theirs were a legacy of an earlier forgotten civilization.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 3. The Baalbek Enigma

The archaeological site of Baalbek in Lebanon has some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in the world. It raises a lot of questions because it a vivid example of something beyond the construction capabilities of any accepted ancient or modern-day builders.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 4. Metal Cramps

As in the case of Pumapunku, Koricancha, Ollantaytambo , Yuroc Rumi and in ancient Egypt, metal clams were used in the construction of several unexplainable structures. Evidence proves that melted metal was poured into the carved stone blocks in order to create handlers and more resistant structures. As we know, such metal needs to be melted under extreme temperatures, something impossible for the time’s given situation.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 5. Pumapunku and Tiwanaku

PumaPunku is one of four structural arrangements in the ancient Pre-Inca city of Tiwanaku in South America. The intriguing thing is that they are older than the pyramids, with claims of up to 15, 000 years. Even the Incas didn’t know its history. The massive stones used in the construction bear no chisel marks and were finely cut to interlock with the others. A lot of the stones were cut so precisely that the builders clearly had an extremely sophisticated knowledge of stone-cutting, engineering and geometry. The city also had a functioning irrigation system, waterproof sewage lines and hydraulic mechanisms. With no record of its inhabitants or their methods, the technologies and processes used during its construction remains an enigma to experts.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 6. The Stone Age Tunnels

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of an extensive network of underground tunnels from Scotland to Turkey, underneath Neolithic settlements. The fact that these tunnels survived for 12, 000 years is a testimony to the skill of the builders and of the sheer size the original network must have been.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 7. Nan Madol

The ancient city of Nan Madol lies off the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia. Built on a coral reef exclusively from colossal basalt rocks, the city is intercrossed by a multitude of canals and connected via submerged tunnels. It has been often compared with the Great Wall in what regards its scale. The real mystery is that nobody knows who built the city, when was it built or for what reason. Moreover, human bones uncovered by archeologists seem to be larger than the local Micronesians of the area today.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 8. The Longyou Caves

These caves are considered by the Chinese as the ‘Ninth wonder of the ancient world’. The origin of the 24 caves is yet unknown keeping up a strong scent of mystery. These locations present intriguing details such as the lack of historical record regarding the work involved to excavate the almost million cubic meters of stone or the stone carvings which carry a similar pattern with the one found on pottery dated between 500 and 800 BC.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 9. The Rama Empire

India’s ancient history was largely preserved thus making it possible for us to discover the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley. This discovery was amazing because the cities were so sophisticated and well-planned that they are thought to be conceived as a whole before construction on the begun. Even the Harappa culture remains an enigma since its origins and deterioration are hidden, the dialect unknown and the writing is completely indecipherable.

10 Proofs of Forgotten Advanced Civilizations 10. Ancient Devices

Ancient knowledge and science was far more developed and refined than we have been taught. A wide diversity of gadgets have been excavated and found. From batteries to planispheres, ancient civilizations did well in inventing some of the most efficient and practical devices.



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