Cool facts about The Ice Age

Cool facts about The Ice Age

Cool facts about The Ice Age A Warm Ice Age

There is the so called Warm Ice Age when the earth is actually covered in thick snow but the actual weather is very pleasant. This thing happens due to the greenhouse gases which keep the heat of the sun in the atmosphere.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Giant Animals

When the ice age finished its term, evolution already came up with mammals. Those who survived the ice age were generally some gigantic and fur-covered animals. Some scientists called them ‘Megafauna’. These animals survived the Ice Age because they were already evolved in freezing places such as Tibet.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Himalayas May Have Caused An Ice Age

When the landmasses of India and Asia collided 40-50 million years ago, the impact crunched up a lot of stone into the Himalaya mountain range. Like this, there was a lot of ‘fresh stone’ exposed to the elements, a thing which started to erode chemically, process which removed huge amounts of carbon dioxide . Perhaps this is what made in time the planet to cool off enough for triggering an Ice Age.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Ice Age People

There were some human survivors of the Ice Age even if they were not large or covered in fur. The Ice Age People survived due to their traps for animals and their hunter-gatherer tribes which kept them alive and well organized.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Ice Age Plants

Believe it or not, herbivores such as mammoths also survived the Ice Age because there were some grassland and shrubland areas where mammoths and other plant-eating animals could find the key to survival. Spruce, pine, birch and willow were ice age plants which survived pretty well all that ice and snow.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Little Ice Ages

There are the so-called “Mini Ice Ages’ which appear between the large and serious ones. These ones are not as devastating and also not as long, but little ice ages can also cause damages, famine and other unfortunate happenings. The most recent mini Ice Age started sometime around 12th and 14th century and touched its highest pitch between 1500 and 1850 in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Louis Agassiz

Louis Agassiz is the actual initiator of the Ice Age theory. He is a Frenchman considered as one of the founding fathers of American science. Pretty illogical, right? However, his discoveries and the Ice Age theory are the result of a hobby since he was really an ichthyologist ( fish scientist).

Cool facts about The Ice Age Snowball Earth

According to some evidence, a complete Snowball earth already happened at least once, 716 million years ago and there may be more to come. What’s the thing with the Snowball Earth? Is that phase when the Earth’s surface is completely covered in snow and ice, when there not an inch of ground visible. Pollution might cause a Snowball Earth soon.

Cool facts about The Ice Age The Garden Of Eden

The scientists believe that the Garden of Eden was a real thing. Their theory is that our ancestors survived solely because they found the Garden of Eden in Africa. Something like 200,000 years ago a few hundreds of humans must’ve found a place where snow and ice were absent, a totally fertile and habitable place nowadays called the Garden of Eden.

Cool facts about The Ice Age Human Pollution Could Avert The Next Ice Age

There is a theory according to which Ice Ages repeat themselves at semi-regular intervals no matter what we do. This theory gets along with the one about the global warming. It is believed that the carbon dioxide emissions are a huge part of the current global warming. It is also thought that due to human pollution with carbon dioxide the earth can’t develop Ice Ages at least until the CO2 levels drop. So that’s the good side of pollution?



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