What could live inside us

What could live inside us

 In 2007, on a sunny and positive day, Aaron Dallas went on a nice vacation in Belize. Everything was great, the place was amazing and Aaron had a blast. However, when he arrived in US he began to feel strange sensations around the head, curious about what it might be he touched his head carefully, looking for the cause of those sensations. He discovered some bumps on his scalp and immediately appealed to his doctor. At first, the medical specialist blamed those bumps on some insect bites which will surely heal over time. When another day passed, Aaron went to a different doctor which found that the bumps were moveable, as you can guess a detail which raised some questions.

When they found out that those bumps were moveable, the doctor first suspected that is was just some blood rushing around them. The horrific part is that Aaron could hear something moving on his scalp, another detail which this time made the doctor perform a small incision to open the bump and discover a living maggot. Actually, there were 5 maggots hidden in his scalp. The maggots were removed and everything went back to normal in Aaron’s life.

However, perhaps this time we will think twice about taking a trip to the tropics.



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