The eel experiments

The eel experiments

This is a short and true story of an unnamed man from Sichuan, China, who went to the hospital claiming to have terrible pains in his abdomen, anal bleedings and several other uncomfortable problems. These symptoms puzzled the doctors who finally decided to perform an exploratory surgery expecting to find something like a tumor or damaged organ. What they found in the man’s interiors was highly strange. Yes, they found damaged intestines by the eel which was also found inside him all alive and moveable. Yep, an eel which his drinking buddies thought it would be fun to get inside him through his anus. The eel was removed but the man passed away 10 days later due to the increasingly damaged intestines.

Another incident eel-related was when a man from China willingly inserted an eel in his anus after seeing something similar in a porn video. He went to the hospital and had a surgery performed which took out of him a 50 centimeter eel which already chewed through the man’s colon. The man survived and faced animal cruelty charges.

A third unfortunate case of eel-appearances was once again in China when a man went to a spa and an eel swam into his bladder (the worst route ever). That spa treatment included eels which were supposed to remove the dead skin. The 15 centimeter long eel was surgically removed and the man survived.



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